The different 'The Valentaine Day'

This year, I have experienced the different way of celebrating (?) The Valentine Day. As you may be know, we Japanese have a different tradition about this day - Girls/ladies are giving the chocolate to boys/gentlmen, not only boyfriends but...

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Make A Balance.

I am still learning English continuously. Some people (actually lots) asked me the reason, even though my English hasn't been perfect (:p  you may realize it through this blog.)  Their point is that I have already coped with the situation...

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Next Trip Planning ...!

Since I joined the new company, I haven't had a longer vacation except the year-end national holidays. I used to take trips for one week or more twice a year .... So Im feeling ready to plan something this year....

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Well-Establishment of 'Sense of Value'

People may feel fear, at least myself when young, whether or not we could make right judgment or/and decisions on things. As the life goes, we could obtain the ability to select the ways somehow but at the same time...

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Love Actually.

At the very end of last year, something happend to me very calmly but nicely. I've just rememberd, when I encounterd this phase, the words from the interview with the actress who turned up in the film 'Love Actually'. That...

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New Year - something different.

The new year comes. But my family has to spend the time differently. We Japanese, at least ordinal people, follow the custom - the families who lost the member of them in the previous year are spending their time very...

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The responsibilities as enterprises.

Recently I have been considering something, while encountering the news about tremendous job cuts by companies. Now is the very difficult time but is that right solution to just reduce the number of empoyees without making more efforts. To me,...

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The power of women.

I came across one interesting discussion by the eminent artist and the novelist on the newspaper - Our hope is women to change the current situations. Now more females come to launch into the new world whicn was dominated by...

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The difference of contractors.

Nowadays the similar kind of news is coming to the people almost everyday everywhere in the world, then it makes the people frighten enough. That was the reduction of employees. In Japan, the target tends to be particularly temporary-workers or/and...

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Direct Communication - Important and Powerful Tool.

Recently I've wathced two documentaries which was recorded from NHK BS TV programme. The places are different but the messages seem the same, I feel. One story was how one NPO is trying to sort out potential (obvious in the...

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My Tulip Diary :)

For a while, my turip had been under the ground for almost one month. Then they started to grow suddenly after some contiuous sunny days. At first, I just thought that was normal, like the other plants. But my Dutch...

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How quickly the time went by ...

Wondering - I was just reminded of what I was doing last winter by some of new graduates' status on Facebook. This week last year I was in the small north-west town in the UK to attend the graduation ceremony...

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Dishing Up - Japanese Foods.

Now is the season of Year-End Party in Japan. People are gathering with the people from the same workplace or/and with their friends. Actually it is hard to book the place and necessary to do so in very advance if...

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My Tulip :)

After planting the tulip bulbs which I bought in Holland this summer, I could not see the growth ... But finally something appears !!!! It is a very small thing but makes me enough happy. Wish it could grow steadly...

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Back to the normal life.

I restarted my work while preparing the specific ceremony for my dad - That life was kind of normal, in terms of being in the society. It seems that, however, I got so nervous and stressed mentally and physically. Therefore...

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Knowing more my origin.

I am wondering I am strange but I haven't thought a lot about my origin, including my ancestors and my parents. Through the mourning, however, I got chances to know those things more. As for my dad, I have heard...

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How to cope with the death.

Since my family confronted my dad's sadden death, we have been quite busy with lots of things, including greetings to my dad's families and friends, the preparation for the next ceremonies, following our courtesy and customs based on Buddhism, our...

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In Deep Mourning.

I suspected somehow that one thing may happen within short time but this realized 'just now'. Additionally, that followed the almost worst case senario. In short, I wasn't enough ready for this news, therefore this fact made me and my...

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New Plants :)

Since early this year, I have been taking care of some kinds of flowers - I've bought the plants basically and keep watering them. Once I tried to grow Cosmos and Sunflowers from seeds. The result was that Cosmos didn't...

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How Japan will change?

As I mentioned in my previous articles directly or indirectly, I have been feeling worry about the future of Japan and Japanese. It seems that we have something different and it may make us survive under more competitive situation. However...

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«The room with Candles

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